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Orthoptics is a branch of eye care professional treatment. The experts, i.e., orthoptics, diagnose and treat eye defects related to eye movement and eye-to-brain discoordination called a binocular disorder with the help of Orthoptic Vision Therapy. These issues arise when eye muscles do not coordinate and sharply focus to form a clear image. As a result, retina obtainis multiple images and brain confuse to process causing symptoms such as squint, amblyopia, or eye movement disorders.

Bynocs aims to treat neurosensory vision disorders by helping the brain’s faculty with neuroadaptation.

How Does Orthospic Vision Therapy Work?

Bynocs develops software programs, which is part of  Orthoptic Treatmentbased on the theory of Neuroplasticity. The scientific evidence proves that the brain is neuroplastic and rewires several synapses in a minute – implying that brain parts can be stimulated with specifically designed neurological programs and hence can reshape the brain’s ability by training the mind. 

The software program comprises several atomic programs that detect and treat eye-brain coordination anomalies. The description for every orthoptic vision therapy program is explained with the help of videos.

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