Restore the vision
to your lazy eye
with AmblyGo™
with no age limits

A Personalised Program

Develops your Binocular Vision

Based on state-of-the-art technology

Through Exercises in your Laptop

Comfortably from Home

Online with our team of optometrists

Results in Few Weeks

Permanent and No Regression

What's the next step?

An optometrist from our team will give you a free online assessment to determine the improvement you can get after the treatment, both in visual acuity and in stereopsis (3D vision).


We will put you in contact with one of our associated clinics. You will perform a complete evaluation with an ophthalmologist to start the treatment.

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Lazy Eye

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What is AmbyGo™ by BYNOCS?

AmblyGo™ is a solution that allows, through exercises in your laptop, guided by a team of optometrists, while wearing special glasses (called anaglyphs), for 30 minutes a day, to restore your binocular vision.

In few weeks, you will get a permanent improvement in your binocular vision.

AmblyGo™ is the only software which can be used with no age limit. It is indicated for children, adolescents and adults who have amblyopia, and manages to activate and improve stereopsis (3D vision).

Depth vision is especially important for coordinating the movements of objects in space and for playing sports or driving. It is absent in most people who have amblyopia.


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