How to fix a lazy eye at home? Everything you need to know.

Lazy eye (Amblyopia) is reduced vision in one eye caused by abnormal vision development. A person with amblyopia typically has vision related issues like seeing clearly for far, error in depth judgement.

A person with amblyopia may have healthy eyes, but the brain gradually relies more on the healthier eye. The brain constantly perceives  objects as blurry from the lazy eye. 

Amblyopia generally develops in childhood. It is the leading cause of decreased and defective vision. And eye patching is often the only solution doctors can suggest until recently. Unfortunately, eye patching is not a permanent solution.

Problems with eyepatch treatment

Got a lazy eye? Patch the other one. Right? Incorrect! 

The basic motivation behind eye patching is this: patch the good eye, so the lazy eye becomes active. 

But the drawback of this method is that the brain becomes so acquainted with using the “healthy” eye that once the eye patch is removed, the brain reverts to using the good eye. Hence, the results are short-lived and regress fast.

A person with amblyopia commonly has 20/20 eyesight in one eye, and the other  eye is bad. The severity of amblyopia is measured through specialised eye test charts. Apart from reduced eyesight, the person with amblyopia can even have “stereo blindness” or poor depth perception. 

There can be many factors causing amblyopia, but the most usual causes are strabismus (crossed eyes) and unequal refractive errors (for instance: high farsightedness in one eye even as the other eye is healthy). 

Can Amblyopia be treated at an older age?

Specialists recommend treating lazy eyes as early as possible. It is assumed that treatment would only be successful f if it were started before the age of 7. However, recent studies showed that amblyopia can be treated at any age.

Bynocs approach to treating amblyopia at home

The current method of treating Amblyopia is based on the binocular principle. Therefore, dichoptic therapy is a very effective tool in managing Amblyopia. 

Bynocs AmblyGo vision therapy software for a lazy eye is an answer to the question of how to fix a lazy eye at home

AmblyGo offers treatment for Amblyopia in the form of games. This treatment is based on the principle of dichoptic therapy, where both eyes are made to view identical images with different levels of contrast. They are made to play games on our patented software program wearing special anaglyph glasses.

What makes Bynocs vision therapy the right amblyopia treatment?

There are various games we offer for better engagement and optimal results, and it is recommended to play these games for 30-40 minutes at least five times a week. Usually, the initial improvement is seen in 2 weeks, and positive results can be expected in 6-8 weeks in appropriate cases. 

Bynocs vision therapy software for lazy eye provides a comprehensive software-based Amblyopia management and treatment program package, including diagnosis and therapy, to ophthalmologists and eye care specialists. Advantages of choosing Bynocs AmblyGo are as follows:

  • Good compliance as patients love to play games
  • Morethan90% success rate
  • No recurrence
  • Being a binocular treatment, it develops stereopsis
  • No incidence of Diplopia
  • Successful in managing adult amblyopia